Product Description

In the great halls of Valhalla there is a special table for only Odin's greatest warriors, his most prized treasures are in fact a selection of fine danish pastries made by old one-eye himself.

– Made in the UK

– 0mg nicotine

– 100ml Shortfill

– 70VG/30PG

Apple & Cinnamon Danish
Odin himself has created this delicate danish pastry, stuffed to the brim with cinnamon-dusted apples, even the mightiest of warriors deserve a treat!

Banana & Caramel Danish
A sweet and fruity treat from old one eyes personal hord, this fluffy danish pastry is topped off with caramelised brown sugar and soft slices of banana

Blueberry Danish
When Odin plunders the pantry, it's only for the sweetest of rich blueberries to add to his delicious danish pastries, will you join him?

Lemon Danish
Sweet and fluffy pastry is served up in perfect harmony with a zesty lemon curd straight from Odin's Oven!

Strawberry & Cream Danish
In the summertime, Odin pairs up his delectable danish pastries with sweet strawberries and fresh thick cream!

Vanilla Danish
The sweetest of Valhalla vape treats is a vanilla filled danish pastry baked by Odin himself…

Maple Syrup Danish
It's a little known fact that Odin made it all the way to Canada, just to plunder their sweet and delicious maple syrup for his danish pastries!


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